BLACKBIRD singing...The Crafter's Workshop - January 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hello and Happy New Year to you all!!
Today, I am sharing my first project for The Crafter's Workshop for 2018!
I have been a little obsessed with my art journal these days and below is the project I created.

I was inspired by The Beatles song ‘Blackbird’ and the lyrics, which I adore.  I am always inspired by song lyrics for an art journaling spread and these immediately made me think of this intricate stencil, appropriately entitled ‘Tweet.’  I also used the other two stencils and media shown below.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

After prepping my pages using the White Gesso, I brought out All the blues, greens, violets and black Distress Inks.  Using the star and dot parts of this 12x12 stencil, I added layers of ink across the top portions of the left and right sides of the pages. 

Using the star and dot parts of this 12x12 stencil, I added layers of ink across the top portions of the left and right sides of the pages.

Next, I added light blues, greys and black around the perimeter of the pages.


I went back to add another layer of ink to provide more contrast after adding the black, although it still wasn’t dark enough.  I decided to go over those areas with some of the Heavy Body Acrylic paints.

After that layer dried, I used the Modeling Paste to add some of the small dots and star shapes in this ‘Galaxy’ stencil.  I had intended to only use the small shapes of this stencil, but ended up using a portion of the galaxy arch shape to frame around the area I planned to write my the lyrics.

Even though this stencil is very intricate, I knew that the Black Modeling Paste would be the perfect medium to highlight this design.

After writing the lyrics I used lots of pens and markers to add some detail and embellishment to the spread. 

Here are the detail photos and final project!

Thanks for stopping by the Blog today!  I hope this has been a bit of inspiration to kick off your New Year.

Jenni Calma
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member
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grace is...The Crafter's Workshop - December 2017

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hi there!!  Today I am sharing an art journal spread I created using loads of media from the Crafter’s Workshop and 4 stencils.  I didn’t have much of a plan other than the stencils and colors I wanted to use.
I also filmed myself creating it so you can see my process from start to finish.  You can click on the video below or HERE to go to the video on my YouTube Channel.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Below are the stencils and media I used.

Unfortunately, I missed the very beginning of the video and process of putting down some layers of paint to build up my background.  Not too much was missed, but below is the first stage of the process.

Next, I added a semi-transparent layer of Gesso on top to tone down the colors.

Once the Gesso dried, I used this large text stencil and the Gel Medium to add a layer of text all over both pages.

Once the Gel Medium dried, the pattern became a resist for the watercolor washes and drips I added next.

I love the way the colors turned out, picking up some of the original colors and drying in a random pattern.

Using a heat tool, to speed the process along, I then placed the large stencil I had planned to use for my main focus, partially overlapping the center seam of the journal. 

I added a fairly thick layer of the Black Modeling Paste, which is such a lovely, substantial consistency that it holds the lines of the stencil without any bleed through.

Using some Archival Ink, I added some texture with the tiny fragment dot stencil.

Once more, waiting to dry...and then using more of the Heavy Body Acrylic Paints, I stenciled lots of the small branches from this 6x6 stencil; adding it around the heart shape and at the borders of the journal.

With the same archival black ink, I added several areas of the smaller 6x6 version of the text stencil.

My drying time seems to be the longest part of this process!  After the previous layer was dry, I used the Gel Medium again, but this time for it properties as a glue.  I adhered a couple pieces of the Altered Pages icons and some left over scraps from previous stenciled projects around the pages.

Using a couple plastic rings, I added some thin circle stamps of the Silver Heavy Body Acrylic paint.

Finally, the last step, was to add some NeoColor crayons to intensify a few colored areas.

Along with my NeoColors, I used a couple different permanent pens to give definition to the lines from the stencil and ring stamps.

I finished up with a quote I found on Pinterest that spoke volumes to me personally from the past couple weeks...

Below is the final spread!

I had so much fun using this creative outlet to express myself and provide a little self healing therapy...the original reason I started an Art Jounral.  Thanks for stopping by the Blog today to let me share it with you all.

Supplies Used:

TCW9024   - Heavy Body Acrylic - Kale Smoothie

TCW9022 - Heavy Body Acrylic - Grape Jelly

TCW9014- Heavy Body Acrylic - Iridescent Silver

TCW737 - Doodling Template - Love Sonnet
TCW737s - Doodling Template - Mini Love Sonnet
TCW640 - Doodling Template - Love To Fly

BEST GIFT - Scrapbook Layout - The Crafter's Workshop December 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hello friends!  Today I am sharing a scrapbook layout using this 6x6 stencil of various Christmas ornaments and several of the mediums from The Crafter’s Workshop.

I had been trying to choose photographs for our Christmas card and this was one of the ones  loved, despite it not being a traditional photo.  I thought it would be a shame to not document it and with the a black & white print, some bright colored embellishments would be a perfect compliment.

I chose to use several different colored card stocks in shades on red, pink and 2 shades or turquoise.  Next, I used the Light & Fluffy Modeling Paste, the Shimmery Goodness, and for something different I used the Therm-O-Web Mixed Media Transfer Foil.

The Light & Fluffy Paste is my favorite is like the perfect whipped icing!

I lined up the different colored cardstocks and then stenciled the different mediums across every piece, including a piece of vellum.

Using the DecoFoil Transfer Gel, I stenciled the same ornaments onto the same cardstocks and vellum.

The Transfer Gel has to dry for an hour before foiling it with the transfer foil.  I used the Antique Pearl metallic foil which is a lovely balance between gold and silver.

The foil also looked great with the Shimmery Goodness paint.  I used the scrap pieces of patterned paper that were left over from other projects.  I didn't even trim any of the pieces, just layering them under where I planned to have my photo.

Marking the places where I placed the trimmed stenciled ornaments, I added machine stitching overlapping different stitches.

Using the Gold Gesso, I rubbed a light circle of paint to add a golden halo under the stenciled ornaments.

I added some of the turquoise thread with gold thread in a loop under each ornament as a tie at the top.

I added the oversized date stamp, a title out of chipboard letters, and enamel dots on each ornament.

Thanks for stopping by the Blog to share my layout today.

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